UPDATED: JUNE 17, 2014 – New Site for Shakti Shaman :

Blessings…. both to you and from you, for over the years I have had the honour of many fellow seekers to this website.  I created this ‘blog’ more as a static informational centre to share details on Hinduism and certain aspects of Tibetian Buddhism, and it was meet with much warmth.

I am leaving this site intact and untouched, but I have started a more interactive blog site to share rituals for life and healing based on my own spiritual journey, which you were introduced to here.  Some of these details, mainly my personal journey under Shakti Shamanism, will be moved over and expanded on through the new website.

As always, I welcome you on my ongoing journey, were “in a world of ritual, the intent to heal, takes action” – Kayla Baboolal

A most heartfelt Namaste to my fellow seekers. Journey on….

Shakti-Shaman, the Fireside Witch


Original Post: 2010 – As the seers of ancient India discovered, a spiritual journey is maintained through a Body-Mind Connection.  As a healer in the ancient arts of Ayurveda and Reiki, and a heriditary island ‘shaman’, I have created this blog to work in conjuntion with my spiritual and healing websites.Here I will share my personal journey, and include posts for rituals that I have created to clease the body, clear the mind, and connect with spirit.This journey starts with the ancient spiritual practices of India and Tibet, and will expand to include Native Practices of Ancient Egypt, Afro-Caribbean, Hawaii, Mexico, the Americas, and the spiritual pratices of my maternal ancestors back home in Trinidad which I refer to as Shakti-Shamanism. This spiritual practice combines aspects of Buddism, folk Hinduism and Shaman/Rootwork with a little something special, heritage.

All nations around the world hold spiritual practices based on nature based healing, and rituals. These are the pagans of our ancestry, the foundation for today.

I invite you in perfect trust to journey with me along my Pagan Paths.

Jaguar Spirit





18 Responses to Namaste…

  1. ayanna says:

    Hi Kayla Baboolal, Jaguar Spirit,
    I am fascinated by your blog. Would you please send your website addresses.


  2. Daniel Micah says:

    I thank you for your outreach and trust in others, Jaguar Spirit. This contrived expression of communion is never more alive than now. We have found a way to unite with and send energy through our internet. How fabulous it is to be a global village! What peril we avoid by accepting all the hatred! Only when such malice is enveloped in light can it become peaceful. You are light. You are love. Love is one and all are one. Thank you for reading this though it is merely an abstract reiteration of everything you’ve ever heard.

    Daniel Micah

  3. Vijayendra says:

    I am from India – Mumbai. As I am a Reiki Practitioners. I would like to experience & know more about shamanic reiki. Can you help me how to practice this. Thank you.

  4. Michiel says:


    I like what you say, there is a truth hidden in here. You may find of interest:

    OM Namaste!

  5. Andrea Scott says:

    Your website is so beautiful and your offering deep. Raising the consciousness of the Earth, one by one, is a great mission. We at Light of Consciousness Journal appreciate the level of your work and would be honored if you would consider advertising with us. Our national readership of mature spiritual seekers rely on our Lifesyle Bazaar section. We are nationally distributed and now digitally produced as well. Please consider. It would be win/win. People are reaching out more in these difficult times.

  6. prem says:

    sitaram to you.i am interested in knowing more about shakti worshjp.thank you.jai sitaram

    • Sitaram…

      I hope my blogsite may give you a place to start, but please note, I am not a ‘Shakti’ follower. Please let me clarify, Shakti is the primordial force of creation, it is the active female energy to the passive male thought forms, as there is no ‘name’ or ‘category’ for the spiritual practice of my grandmother, I have combined the two aspects of her work “Shakti” active female action, or ritual, with Shaman, for her healing/spirit journey work. I hope this helps, there are many sights available for individuals who are working with Shakti Devotion only, perhaps a google search may give you a start? All the best on your journey, Namaste, and Sitaram.

  7. Susani says:

    I am a REIKIMASTER ii
    I came upon your website via another website that which escapes me at this typing which I am so sorry.

    I feel your website and your work is beautiful. I can not imagine anyone who would send you any negative bad messages…they are just uneducated and I M O totally closed minded!
    I wish you only GREAT SUCCESS!
    THANK YOU and I look forward to LEARNING SO MUCH!

  8. Hi there, what question do you have about the site. I am sorry but I didn’t receive an email to the account, and as my laptop died recently, have limited access, but if you wish to ask here i will do my best to supply an answer.

  9. I like your kindness and respect the work you are sharing here.

  10. Linux Vpn says:

    Very interesting article. It helps me a lot.

  11. tera gold says:

    Very superb info can be found on this website.

  12. J.Lynn says:

    Please send me your information on next classes..Im so very,very excited to have found you and your Grandmothers teachings Kayla..Iam studing my Grandmothers teachings as well 🙂 I think the two understand each other very well! Looking forward to hear from you asap! J.Lynn

  13. Asher Kambli says:

    I am interested in learning Shamanism and want to know about spirit guide..will you help me in it?
    It would be a great help

    • KaylaB says:

      Namaste Asher, the only advice I can offer is to start with the basics. Shamanism deals with energy and spirit. I found that spending time doing solo energy work to learn to distinguish my energy from external forces was key. Meditation is also a good starting point. It is the foundation you will need to advance to journeying. I am not a teacher of the path, I simply live it, but there are several individuals who do teach. I recommend researching their shamanic heritage. Make sure it is true and solid. If you are in Toronto I can recommend an amazing person to you. Once you have spent time working on developing your basic tools, you can begin journey work to find your spirit guides/animal guides and even plant guides. I have also found that in the walking world animals guides will find a way to let you know you should be looking into their ‘medicine’. Like being swarmed by lady bugs in the middle of November in the heart of the city while waiting for a bus! Prior to this happening, I had seen a few in odd places, like in my work tote, but I set her free and moved on. As a result, they got a little more aggressive to get my attention and send their message across. Paying attention to the natural world, even in the city, can help awaken you to the journey of the shaman. You must connect to the elements/world around you on the earth plane, before you can begin to journey beyond it. Did you notice when the leaves first started to change colour? Or when you saw the first one fall to the ground. What did this mean to you? How did it make you feel, did you see the message nature was sending you? Safe journeys, in balance and service, Shakti Shaman.

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